Erasmus +

Incoming Teaching Staff

It is possible for a person working in a University, business sector or education center in any of the European Union countries to make use of Teaching Mobility for at least 5 hours of teaching in any Turkish university that has obtained an Erasmus University Charter. First of all, the visitor expresses her/his intention to go to the host country, then we arrange an invitation letter and create a work plan. When the person arrives in Turkey, he or she is required to be ready to give at least 5 hours of course work. If the requirements are duly met and the person perfoms his/her duty, a confirmation letter will be given by Istanbul Arel University.

  1. Work Plan
  2. Passport 
  3. Visa Photocopy
  4. CV
Gelen Öğretim Elemanı - 1
Gelen Öğretim Elemanı - 2
Gelen Öğretim Elemanı - 3
Gelen Öğretim Elemanı - 4