Traineeship Mobility

Please contact Erasmus Coordinatorship for traineeship mobility: 

Participants who want to come to Istanbul Arel University must first contact the experts responsible for our university’s Erasmus+ Program to inform them that they want to come here and do an internship. After the results of these meetings, our university sends an invitation letter to that person, and the person forwards this invitation letter to his own institution, thus establishing a mutual cooperation. Then, a mutual business plan is made and the person sets out to come to our university after completing the visa procedures. Since this arrival will be in the form of an internship, there is a certain period of stay. In cases where the mobility ends, a certificate of participation is given to the participant.



Our dormitories are available for the students. In this issue we will guide and help you. Contact information:


Mentoring program
Arel University offers a mentoring program to incoming students. (ESN: https://arel.esnTü


Food, Cafeteria and our Free Transport Services

Cafeterias and food areas in İstanbul Arel University’ Kemal Gözükara campus are one of the social areas for our students. In our Arel Student village, food services and cafeteria options are available for all the students. Moreover, students staying in Arel Student Village provide comfortable and free transportation to both Kemal Gözükara Campus and central locations with offered transportation options.


Alternative Transportation:


Fitness Centers

In Kemal Gözükara campus we provide Olympic swimming pools, fitness saloons, aerobic saloons, indoor basketball court, table tennis areas and other all sport areas that are open to use for our all Arel Student Villages.


Health Services

For students who have any kind of health problem, they have the opportunity to visit Health Centers located in Kemal Gözükara Campus 7/24 at their services.